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January 2021
Complaint accuses developer Property Markets Group, John Moriarty & Assoc. and 23 other companies of negligence and violating Florida building code Read the article here on The Real Deal here.
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United States Capitol
When purchasing a residence in a condominium, homeowners association or a co-op, you by default agree to reside in a community association. You live in relatively close proximity to your neighbors and equally share the right to utilize common areas, whether it’s a lobby, pool, gym, parking lot and/or clubhouse.  Monthly Association dues fund shared...
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Community association issues are getting off to a prompt start when the Florida Senate’s Regulated Industries Committee meets on Tuesday, January 26, 2021 to take up SB 56 which relates to Community Association Assessment Notices. To view the agenda, click here. SB 56, one of the only two community association-related bills filed to date in...
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