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March 17, 2022

I am a new member of our board. I wanted to be and was appointed to be a Director. I have completed three other Condo Board Certification webinars all presented by various law firms.

Eisinger Law’s lecture taught by Alessandra Stivelman, Esq. and Carolina Sznajderman Sheir Esq. was, by far, the most comprehensive of all. I am both impressed and dizzy with all the information.

I know Campbell Property Management has a YouTube website and I have subscribed to it. I hope this entire presentation will be uploaded to it so that I can take about 5 or 6 hours to watch and rewatch and rewatch it.

Thank you so very much for all CPM and Eisinger Law does for all associations. The two presenters were very impressive and informative and quick.

I look forward to watching the webinar, numerous times, on YouTube. Again, thank you so very much. I learned so much that my head is exploding.

With respect and gratitude,

John T F.
Deauville of Naples (new Director)

I attended A coop – Condo HOA Board Certification class – was really Great! Very professional, informative. I learn a lot. Highly recommended.

Casey Accounting

Board Certification Class it was a great experience. Eisinger’s attorneys were very focused and taught us a lot, really lot. Audience partcipated in many questions and answers came clear and promptly. Congrats and thank you Eisinger team. Hope to attend again in some next opportunity. / A aula de certificaçao para board em condominios foi uma otima experiencia. Os advogados da Eisinger estavam muito focados e nos ensinaram muito, muito mesmo. Os participantes participaram com muitas perguntas e as respostas vieram claras e prontamente. Parabens e obrigado ao time da Eisinger Law. Espero participar novamente em uma proxima oportunidade.

Geovane Silva
I have known and worked with the condo/HOA attorneys at Eisinger Law for more than a decade and have the utmost respect for their legal work, results and high ethical standards.


Donald Silver

The Condo/HOA Board Certification seminar was really informative, well paced, and responsive to questions. The PPT PDF provided is a useful reference, as well as guide for necessary Board function improvements. 

Alan Rock
Google Review

Have learned a lot and everything was great and well put and very understanding this law firm did a great job.

Google Review

We attended a Condo and HOA Board Certification Class, interaction was great. Individuals presenting had a wealth of knowledge, was very interactive and fun, I wish we had more time. Great presentation and collaboration.

Rafael Casero
Google Review

Thank you, my comments on the evaluation of the course was that it was the best presentation I have ever attended.

Congratulations to your team!

Aventura Board Certification Course

Attended a class for Condo Board Member Certification and leading the task were attorneys Alessandra Stivelman and Carolina Sheir, they were the perfect team combo to present and get the points across in a meaningful way. But more importantly, in a manner that everyone understood. They did an excellent in the short amount of time allotted for this class. They stayed afterwards to answer a few questions that some of us had. They are VERY knowledgeable! Thank you for the knowledge imparted on us today.

Fran B.
Aventura Board Certification Course

Condominium law can be confusing.

It could drive one to boozing.

But Carolina’s and Alessandra’s presentation was clear and precise.

Priceless was all your advice.

Nothing improves one’s hearing better than praise.

Unless it is a well deserved raise.

While a raise I can’t give you praise I will.

You certainly both have very great skill

At taking what’s complicated and breaking it down

So all could understand, even a clown.

What was the take away from what you had to say?

It’s hard to highlight what I remember today:

Don’t flay an iguana on condo grounds in the rain.

Or set fire to your neighbor’s support bloodhound – use your brain!

Consider the consequences if you pull your neighbor’s

one-hundred-fifty-foot flag down from his native Spain.

Stay calm when you find on the bottom of the washer a large gooey red stain.

Do not let these shenanigans be your bane.

Doing so could give you pain.

Instead; stroll down the lane

And welcome your new neighbor Jane,

Who originally hailed from the great state of Maine.

And while there meet her husband, whose name is, you guessed it, Blaine.

Don’t you think I did a good job learning what you taught?

What’s that? You’re holding your head? You feel distraught?

What I simply want to say, and I’ve taken a long way around to get there

Thank you for a mighty fine presentation, you did it with flair!

Doral Board Certification Course
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