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Real Estate Law

Florida Real Estate Law Attorneys

Florida Real Estate Law Attorneys

Transferring real estate can be extremely complex. Eisinger Law, has experience representing lenders, buyers and sellers in the conveyance of commercial and residential real estate.

Our Florida attorneys bring vast and varied experience to real estate transactions and are prepared to ensure that the transfer of real property is properly handled and completed successfully. Our attorneys have handled thousands of commercial and residential closings and title examinations for financial institutions, business entities, individuals and developers with commercial and residential real estate interests. As a title and closing agent, we are able to explain the legal language in purchase and sale agreements as well as help our clients avoid costly mistakes.

Purchase and sale agreements for buyers and sellers are important documents that should never be signed without legal representation. These are legally binding documents that detail all the rights and obligations of the parties. Real estate brokers often have standard purchase and sale agreement forms. We are able to draft and negotiate purchase and sale agreements that are specific to each individual transaction.

Hiring the Best Florida Real Estate Law Attorneys

In addition, we have extensive experience in drafting real estate offers, which are sometimes signed prior to the purchase and sale agreement and which are often legally binding. Whether we are drafting a real estate offer or a purchase and sale agreement, our attorneys are committed to explaining every aspect of the instrument. Residential and commercial real estate transactions entail significant, long-term financial commitments. We are dedicated to fully protecting our clients’ legal interests now and in the future.

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