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Community Association Law

Florida Community Association Law Attorneys

Qualified Florida Community Association Law Attorneys at Eisinger Law

Eisinger Law is a leader and trendsetter in the area of condominium law, the representation of condominium associations (both residential and commercial), homeowners’ associations, cooperative associations, country clubs, equity clubs, and the representation of real estate developers involved in the creation of such communities. Founding partner of the Firm, Dennis J. Eisinger, is a pioneer in the community association industry, and has been continually teaching a Condominium and Community Development Law course as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Florida School of Law since 2005.

By virtue of our thorough understanding of Florida’s Condominium Act (F.S. Chapter 718), Florida’s Homeowners’ Association Act (F.S. Chapter 720.301 et. seq.), and other applicable laws pertaining to condominium and homeowners’ associations, as well as our strong working relationship with the regulatory administrative body governing condominiums in the State of Florida (DBPR), our attorneys provide exceptional representation to numerous community associations throughout the State of Florida.

Through our many years of experience in representing community associations, we have found that the four key elements to our successful representation of clients are expertise, accessibility, responsiveness and cost-effectiveness. To enhance our performance, we have implemented strict internal scheduling controls and follow-up procedures. With specific respect to assessment collection matters, we have internally developed and utilize a sophisticated computerized collection status system whereby, through an individualized password and/or through automated e-mail transmissions, each community association client is provided access to the current status of each of its files in collection on a 24/7 basis.

Eisinger Law is also committed to a preventive approach to legal problems. Our experience allows us to identify the early warning signs of many issues and potential problems, and to predict the impact that they are likely to have. Our representation of community associations is quite effective as a result of this philosophy and because we communicate well and establish regular contact with our clients. This betters our ability to evaluate the legal needs of each of the community associations that we represent.

Hiring Trusted Florida Community Association Law Attorneys

Our attorneys welcome the opportunity to meet with any community association for a “no charge, no obligation” consultation. This gives us the chance to better explain our services, and it also affords the Board of Directors with the opportunity to ask questions to better evaluate our expertise and services. We are confident that, when given the opportunity, we can demonstrate that we possess the requisite traits (i.e. expertise, accessibility, responsiveness, and cost-effectiveness) to assist community associations in running smoothly and efficiently for the benefit of all of its owners.

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