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Corporate Law

Florida Corporate Law Attorneys

Finding the Best Florida Corporate Law Attorneys

Eisinger Law represents a diverse group of businesses as outside or special corporate counsel. Representative clients include real estate development companies, real estate investment, leasing and management companies, hoteliers, retail businesses, construction industry companies, manufacturers, medical service companies, entertainment companies, and a variety of corporations, general and limited partnerships, joint ventures and limited liability companies.

Eisinger Law’s attorneys work closely with their clients and their accountants in the selection and formation of the appropriate business entity, maintaining said entity thereafter and in preparing appropriate employment agreements, consulting agreements, stock redemption agreements, stockholder agreements, partnership agreements and operating agreements. Eisinger Law has extensive experience in the purchase and sale of business assets and stock and partnership interests, as well as all phases of asset-based lending.

Eisinger Law’s Corporate Law practice group consists of knowledgeable and experienced attorneys who have served as counsel to publicly traded companies, privately held companies, partnerships, private equity funds, investment funds, joint ventures as well as individual entrepreneurs. This representation includes companies at various stages of development, ranging from start-ups to entities with well-established operations. Our focus is to work with our clients to achieve their objectives efficiently, effectively, and as quickly as possible, and we share our clients’ concern with bottom line and the tax efficiency of corporate structures and operations.

Eisinger Law provides both a wide spectrum of ongoing corporate services and counsel to companies across a wide array of industries. Our services include:

  • Organization and formation of corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies.
  • Preparation and negotiation of equity ownership, corporate governance and entity control agreements, including shareholders’ agreements, bylaws, options agreements, ESOPs, convertible debt arrangements and operating agreements.
  • Advise directors, officers and shareholders concerning corporate rights and duties.
  • Draft and negotiate a wide range of commercial agreements, such as franchise agreements, business contracts, employment agreements, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, trade secret protection documents, real estate contracts and sales agreements.
  • Draft and negotiate executive employment agreements, incentive compensation plans, non-competition agreements, releases and severance arrangements.
  • Draft and negotiate financing, loan and securitization arrangements under the Uniform Commercial Code.

Launching a business venture should begin with careful research, planning and solid legal advice. Our lawyers counsel clients beginning with their business’s infancy and offer legal counsel to assist clients in selecting the type of business structure, planning and implementation to maximize profitability, while minimizing the risk of future conflict.

Florida Corporate Law Attorneys at Eisinger Law

Eisinger Law’s litigation practice gives it attorneys constant exposure to numerous types of controversies, many of which arise as the result of contract errors or ambiguities and the intricacies of various business relationships. This first-hand knowledge makes our corporate law attorneys particularly well-prepared to advise our clients and to assist them in avoiding common pitfalls and take the necessary steps to protect their business interests.

A primary tenant of our corporate law practice is counseling clients to minimize litigation. We strongly believe that the first opportunity to avoid potential litigation presents itself when a business entity is created. Discussing your unique business situation and goals with one of our attorneys may save you considerable time and money in the future.

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