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With many former delinquent unit owners foreclosed out and replaced by paying owners, community associations are generally doing better financially than several years ago. It is critical, however, to maintain a sound collections strategy.

This means monitoring payments by unit owners and putting any new delinquencies into the collections system. By doing so, associations in conjunction with their management and professionals can identify problem units and begin the collections process before their unmet financial obligations become overly burdensome.

This is especially important because due to recent changes in Florida statutory and decisional law, associations seldom recover one hundred cents on the dollar in collections matters. The longer the matter is in collections, the bigger the loss.

“Community association boards should work closely with their management team, accountants and attorneys to develop and implement a viable collections policy to ensure financial health,” said attorney Jed Frankel.

Jed L. Frankel, partner at Eisinger Law, is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law by The Florida Bar and AV rated, representing clients in disputes before administrative, trial court and
appellate panels throughout Florida

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