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Law Firm that Represents More than 600 Condo and Homeowners Associations Sees Future Growth with Ever-Changing Rules and Regulations

The law firm of Eisinger, Brown, Lewis, Frankel, & Chaiet, P.A. will celebrate its 20th anniversary in January 2016. Founded by managing partner, Dennis J. Eisinger, the law firm started out with four experienced attorneys with particular expertise in the areas of real estate, community association law, litigation and corporate law and subsequently added an insurance coverage division. Today, the firm has a dedicated staff of 25, including seven partners, and counts among its clients more than 600 community associations, reflecting the growth of condominium and homeowners associations in Florida over the past two decades. The firm also represents several real estate developers in connection with their planning and creation of residential and commercial developments.

“Looking back over 20 years, the real estate landscape has evolved considerably. Florida stands out compared to most other states in terms of the number of homeowners who live in condominiums or who are governed by homeowners associations.   In fact, approximately 60 percent of Floridians presently reside in communities governed by a mandatory community association.  It can be a complicated legal maze for developers as well as anyone serving on the board of directors for a homeowners or condominium association,” said Dennis J. Eisinger. “Our firm has grown by providing expert legal services to help our clients navigate the ever-changing rules and regulations.”

Predicting Future Trends

Eisinger predicts there will be even more complexities in the future given Florida’s frequent legal and legislative changes. One trend he sees on the horizon is the increasing development of high-end rental communities fueled by present market demand and affordability, but the pre-completion “conversion” of many of those luxury projects to the condominium form of ownership due to expected local and foreign demand for home ownership.  This bodes well for experienced real estate, community development, and community association attorneys who can provide knowledgeable and efficient legal representation to developers, homeowners, property managers and community associations.

As times change, community association rules must also adapt to residents’ mindsets and expectations, such as legislative changes, case law decisions and societal values involving second hand smoke in a community association setting, and a variety of issues involving pets and emotional-support animals. The housing market will continue to ebb and flow, and new issues requiring expert legal counsel and representation will undoubtedly arise.

With its main office centrally located in Hollywood, the firm also maintains an “of counsel” relationship and office in Gainesville to best serve clients with a physical presence in Central and North Florida. For more info visit or

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